Sunday, 12 May 2013

Epilogue.......for now.

It has been 22 days  since Windspell returned to her spawning grounds in Rock Hall, MD. We have been home for two weeks and are right back into our land-lubber routines, many of which we missed and are really enjoying. Donna was promised all new plants since we gave every one away a year ago. Our lawn and gardens are receiving much needed TLC. We are getting back into shape with cycling, swimming, kayaking, running,walking and doing at least one of these activities each day. Tax returns, bank accounts, and meetings with financial advisers have been completed. We have even managed a three day trip to Ottawa to visit our kids, see the tulip festival and cycle Gatineau Park. However, we have  managed to slow down enough to use the hot tub. On the other hand,  we are already itching  to plan new adventures. Cruising under sail seems a lifetime away but I had a mini tour back in time when I reconciled my visa statements for the past year. It was an interesting experience because I remembered just about every transaction. Cruising does that to you. It pegs time, each day being different.

Going cruising for a year was one of our biggest projects to date since it involved many years of fore- planning and also entailed the integration of our retirements. More importantly, it required a lot of "bending" on Donna's part. We met a lot of single-handed male sailors out there and I felt very fortunate to have my life partner beside me. There were some periods of doubt and strife throughout this endeavour but we both feel proud, satisfied, and grateful of how we spent this last year. We have made some wonderful new friends, which make the many memories that much more memorable. Staging our trip from Spring Cove Marina owned by our friend, Madelyn, was a key factor in our enjoyment. Going on the open ocean seems a bit less intimidating with the new skills and confidence we have acquired.

Windspell has never looked better and she deserved the last bit of doting we did in Rock Hall because she kept us safe and comfortable. She turned out to be the perfect choice for us, ironically a reflection of our collective characters as well. Not too small, not too big, reliable. Now she is for sale with the same great broker who came to our campsite in Rock Hall in November of 2011 when we were having major doubts about buying her, to ask us if we were alright. Thanks, Jim!

If Windspell doesn't sell, to my surprise, Donna has been looking at Maine and even the Canadian maritimes..........

We hope you enjoy the following two video clips, the first is Windspell out of action, the second, in action!
The final photo is taken in Ottawa while visiting our kids with the tulip festival as a backdrop.

Until we blog again,

Donna and Walter

Home safe and sound

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